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Fan Heaters Extruded


Fan Heaters Extruded


This Type of heating is ideal for use in large enclosures. They have an integrated fan that assists the natural convection and provides fast and even distribution of heat in the electrical enclosure. The fan heaters are used in combination with a thermostat or hygrostat, for the avoidence of excessively low temperatures or excessively high humidity in electrical enclosures and also help to avoid the formation of corrosion.

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Part #WattsVoltagePart Number 
FLH250250W115V17025015007 Please call for pricing
FLH250250W230V17025010007 Please call for pricing
FLH400400W115V17040015007 Please call for pricing
FLH400400W230V17040010007 Please call for pricing
FLH250SL250W115V17025115007 Please call for pricing
FLH250SL250W230V17025110007 Please call for pricing