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Top Mounted Filterfans


Top Mounted Filterfans


You can save energy, resources and valuble asembly time through the use of Pfannenbergs top mounted filterfan. They provide for more reliability in the production process, because the inovative filter fans and filter mats enable an increase in the air flow while maintaining type 12 integrity. Practical tests under the toughest conditions in the woodworking industry, for example, showed that service intervals were prolonged by one to three weeks. The new design features a patented "Click and Fit" latching design for a hardware free installation and a simple to operate hinge system for easy insertion of the pre-cut and sized filter mat. Using a combination of a top mounted filterfan with a thermostats and hydrostats from the FLZ series, you can additionally achieve savings on energy, materials, and time plus a significantly longer life span. This results in an optimized enviromental balance as well as greater reliability of you production process.

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Part #CFM2VoltagePart Number 
PTF60500 IP54206115V11685151055 Please call for pricing
PTF60500 IP54206230V11685101055 Please call for pricing
PTF60700 IP54324115V11687152055 Please call for pricing
PTF60700 IP54324230V11687102055 Please call for pricing
PTF60700 IP54324460V11687022055 Please call for pricing
PTF61000 IP54441115V11681152055 Please call for pricing
PTF61000 IP54441230V11681102055 Please call for pricing