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Epsilon EP AC Servo Drive - Indexing Drive w/DeviceNet

Control Techniques

The Epsilon EP is the newest “Motion Made Easy”™ servo drive from Control Techniques. The Epsilon EP is a compact easy to use servo drive that is scalable from a simple amplifier to a completely programmable 1.5 Axis motion controller. The EP can be configured with fieldbus options and motion control capabilities to give you the best solution available at the lowest price. The Epsilon EP comes in four drive sizes, 2.2A, 4.0A, 6.5A, and 9A delivering over 100 lb-in of torque at the rated motor speed using XV motors. Indexer: Epsilon EP-I or EP-IDN The EP-I drive is a highly capable position controller that provides Home, Index, and Jog motion profiles. The EP-I holds up to 16 unique indexes that also can be chained together to create complex motion profiles. The powerful Homing function of the EP-I provides the ultimate in flexibility without sacrificing ease-of-use. Best of all, the EP-I has a unique alternate mode feature whereby the EP-I drive can perform an Index or Home function, and then switch to an alternate mode such as analog toque, analog velocity, or pulse follower mode on the fly! The EP-I can solve countless applications in this very compact cost effective package.

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Part #Input Line VoltageInput PhaseContinuous AmpsPeak AmpsPrice 
EP202-IDN-EN00240VACSingle Phase2.24.4 $1,210.00 Please call for pricing
EP204-IDN-EN00240VACSingle Phase48 $1,310.00 Please call for pricing
EP206-IDN-EN00240VACSingle Phase6.513 $1,390.00 Please call for pricing
EP209-IDN-EN00240VACSingle Phase918 $1,660.00 Please call for pricing
EP216-IDN-EN00240VACSingle Phase1632 $1,990.00 Please call for pricing