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Digitax ST 230VAC Servo Drive - Plus Drive w/SM-Apps-Plus

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The Digitax ST Meeting the demands of modern, lean manufacturing requires smaller more flexible machinery. Digitax ST is the first drive designed to help machine designers and system integrators meet these challenges, the ultimate compact servo drive with an unmatched range of flexible integration features. Digitax ST is optimized for servo applications requiring high peak torque, dynamic response, ease of use and flexible integration features. Four product variants ensure that the drive’s personality perfectly matches your servo applications. Solution Modules (SM) provide zero-space fieldbus and I/O connectivity to other automation components. Advanced Capabilities: Digitax ST-P The Digitas ST Plus provides advanced capabilities. The Digitax ST-P includes an internal SM-Applications Plus. Features a full functionality motion controller, optimized for high performance machine cells requiring drive-to-drive networking and precision synchronization. The motion and communications are configured within a flexible IEC61131-3 software development environment SyPTPro.

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Part #Continuous Amps - 3 PhasePeak Amps - 3 PhaseContinuous Amps - Single PhasePeak Amps - Single Phase 
DST1201P-NKP1. Please call for pricing
DST1202P-NKP3.811.42.44.8 Please call for pricing
DST1203P-NKP5.416.22.95.8 Please call for pricing
DST1204P-NKP7.622.84.79.4 Please call for pricing
DST1201P-LED1. Please call for pricing
DST1202P-LED3.811.42.44.8 Please call for pricing
DST1203P-LED5.416.22.95.8 Please call for pricing
DST1204P-LED7.622.84.79.4 Please call for pricing