Addison Electric, Inc., which originally opened its doors in 1980, began as a company focused on the needs of the customer. Since then, little has changed in that respect. Commitment to the customer has been one of the main driving forces of our company. Believing in top notch support and a desire to stock the items you need has led our company to be one of the largest and most reliable in our industry. By offering 24-hour support and stocking an extensive inventory of products, we are able to minimize your downtime.

The Three Driving Forces of Addison Electric

Systems Integration

We are here to help lead you into the future. Every year technology is advancing, and every year Addison Electric, Inc. is keeping up with the times. Our engineers have been doing electrical upgrades for almost 40 years. From basic systems to more advanced servo systems, we can do it all. PLCs? Not a problem. Our engineers have thousands of hours of programming time under their belts. Need help with design? We can do that too. With experience in so many fields, we can help ease the design process by bringing up key electrical issues along the way. Addison Electric is here to help you.


Everything you need to keep up and running is at your fingertips. By providing a large array of products, we can minimize your downtime. From fuses, contactors, drives, motors and much more, we have it all. Also, all of our products are from names you know. These include ABB, Control Techniques, US Motors, Baldor, Emerson and Gould, to name a few. Not only do we carry the items, we stock them. Addison Electric has two local warehouses stocking an extensive inventory of products. This means a couple things to our customers. First, we will almost always have what you need – Less Downtime. Second, we buy large quantities at a single time, meaning a better price point – Less Cost to You.


Not only do we sell the products, we support them. No need to call the manufacturer and get the runaround or wait weeks for service. If we sell it, we support it. Either over the phone, on-site or in our shop, Addison Electric can get you running. With over 100 years combined experience, a full panel shop and a full motor shop, we feel we can help you with almost anything, new or old. By offering 24-hour support and stocking an extensive inventory of products, we are able to minimize your downtime.