Addison Electric’s highly-experienced engineering team possess the required expertise to install basic to complex electrical systems.

Equipment upgrades? No worries – our engineers can handle them. Once you contract with us, our engineers will be there to support you, from start until completion of your project — whatever your requirements may be. Addison Electric carries an active inventory of more than $4 million in electrical equipment and parts. Our customers know that they can rely on us to supply the equipment and parts they need. In a rush? We’ll be happy to deliver the equipment and/or parts you need.

Addison Electric provides 24/7, around-the-clock support to its customer base. Need your equipment serviced? We offer you a full panel shop and full motor shop, among other services. We provide onsite service as well.

Addison Electric offers thermal management equipment and supplies from Pfannenberg, a global leader in thermal management and cooling equipment products, with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

Thermal Managementthermal-management

Thermal management protects devices from excess heat, prolonging equipment life and ensuring safety and reliability. Addison Electric carries a wide array of thermal management products from Pfannenberg, including:

  • Filterfans, featuring a patented latching design for hardware-free installation.
  • Air to water heat exchangers, featuring maintenance-free operation and low-noise emissions.
  • Thermostats that help in the temperature control of filterfans and/or heaters.
  • Mini-radiant heaters, with heat performance ratings of 10, 20, and 30 watts.
  • Fan heaters with a thermostat to protect electronics from low temperatures.
  • Service-friendly outdoor cooling units for industrial applications.
  • Service-friendly indoor side mount NEMA 12 cooling units that utilize closed-loop cooling.

Other Products

For a comprehensive list, check out our Products page or view our line card here. Addison Electric offers electrical services, including custom automated systems, on-site troubleshooting, drive repair, PLC programming, software development, and preventative maintenance.

Addison Electric also offers the following motor services:

  • Full-service motor facility
  • Rewind and machine shop
  • Repair shop for all kinds of AC/DC motors
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Bearing, brushes, and brush
  • 600 HP dyno load testing
  • Clutch and brake repair
  • Pump repair

To learn more about our thermal management products, request a quote from Addison Electric today.